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Options Minnesota provides administrative leadership and support for behavioral health organizations so they can focus on providing exceptionl care that changes lives.

Options Residential

Options Residential has rehabilitative residential and community support services that assist people to gain skills to improve self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and community integration.

Community Residential Services

Options Residential offers person-centered plans within a variety of service settings. Our residential services are rehabilitative, meaning that we help individuals rebuild or replace lost skills. Our objective is to assess, support, teach, and help manage the individual’s needs and then work together to develop and reach the person’s goals. By meeting the person where they are at, building positive relationships, and empowering choices, we set the stage for the rehabilitative environment. For more information, contact our Intake Specialists at 952-564- 3030.

Child Foster Care

Our program serves adolescents with challenging behaviors in a community setting. We strive to build positive relationships with the children, their families, and extended team members to meet the identified needs and individual goals. Our program location offers plenty of space for children to avoid triggers and stressors of living in a group situation while supporting positive transitional times. This program is highly structured but filled with caring and compassionate employees who focus on providing quality care, positive relationships, skill building, and fun. For more information, contact our Intake Specialists at 952-564-3030.

Customized Living Services

Our Customized Living Services offer an opportunity to transition into locations with less support as skills are gained. Our Customized Living Services are provided in single occupancy apartments. These services allow for an individualized package of regularly scheduled health related and support services. This allows the individual and other team members to collaborate with Options Residential to create a truly unique service plan. For more information, contact our Intake Specialists at 952-564-3030.

Community Based Programs

24 Hour Emergency Response – This individualized service is for those who still need support in areas of problem solving, decision making, mental health support, skills development, and situational crisis but do not require a staffed program. This list is not all inclusive and how the service is provided is customizable. This support service is provided to individuals who reside in the community in their own homes. For more information, contact our Intake Specialists at 952- 564-3030.

Housing Stabilization Services

This service is designed to help individuals receive support in a person-centered way to be successful in obtaining and maintaining sustainable housing. For more information, contact our Intake Specialists at 952-564-3030