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Options Minnesota provides administrative leadership and support for behavioral health organizations so they can focus on providing exceptionl care that changes lives.

Our Companies

Options Residential

Options Residential offers a range of rehabilitative residential services and intensity that are based on the needs of the individual. Options Residential primarily serves individuals who have diagnosis of a brain injury and/or mental illness. Our services include on site services such as Community Residential Services, Customized Living Services and Child Foster Care. We also provide community based services that include 24 hour Emergency Response and Housing Stabilization Services. All of our services are rehabilitative in nature with a focus on assisting people to gain skills to improve self-reliance, self sufficiency and community integration

You can find information for all of these services at www.OptionsRes.com

Connections Services

Connections Services is a residential provider dedicated to the long-term needs of the individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities that we support throughout all stages of their lives. We focus on strengthening individual independence, establishing the foundation of acceptance of and for people with disabilities and building appropriate community supports throughout those life stages.

You can find information for all of these services at www.connectionsservices.com

Stepping Out

Stepping Out is a unique residential provider that supports the life long needs of people with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Our programs focus on physical exercise, specialized menu management and meaningful recreation to assist people to live a healthy lifestyle and increase their self-esteem.

You can find more information about our services at www.connectionsservices.com


Supportable is a software development company that creates innovative web-based software. We began with an idea to improve how Human and Social Services businesses operate. After countless years of experience providing services to individuals in the Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Human Services, and Substance Use industry, we kept searching for but never found a solution to help us organize our operations. As an extension of Options Minnesota, we shifted our focus to building software that would solve this problem. Supportable opened for business with our first product, a system that maximizes efficiency during the intake process, converting referrals into revenue. Supportable increases transparency so management can view the intake results and quickly identify bottlenecks. Analytics allow for real-time referral status and the ability to assess the health of the organization’s intake process.

You can find information for all of these services at https://www.supportableapp.com/