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Options Minnesota provides administrative leadership and support for behavioral health organizations so they can focus on providing exceptionl care that changes lives.

About Us

Options Minnesota was established in 2016 with the purpose to provide clinical and administrative leadership and support to our family of companies; Options Family & Behavior Services (OFBS), Options Residential, Inc., and River Ridge Recovery. Our goal is to create and maintain a common vision for rehabilitation and to support the people that are served at our varied locations.


Options Minnesota started with the establishment of Community Drug & Alcohol Services (CDAS) in May of 1998. The company began as a way of responding to the chemical health needs of youth in our community and was the first adolescent cognitive-behavioral treatment program in Minnesota. As our company grew and began to offer additional services, we changed our name and became Options Family & Behavior Services. Options Residential, Inc. was established in 2005 due to the high need in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metropolitan area to rehabilitate and provide a structured environment for those who have a diagnosis of Brain Injury, Mental Illness and/or Substance Abuse Problems. The mission of Options Residential is to meet each individual where they are and recognize their current needs and goals. Here, we understand that every individual can reach their goals of independence, with the proper individualized supports. In addition, Options Residential believes in developing different levels of housing to accommodate each individual’s needs rather than the individual having to accommodate for the level of housing they enter. River Ridge Recovery joined OFBS and Options Residential to complete our family of companies in December 2015. River Ridge Recovery was established in 1972 and has provided trauma-focused, gender-responsive chemical dependency and mental health services. These services are provided both in a structured residential setting as well as outpatient services


The three companies share the vision of empowering people to experience healthy and happy lives. We believe that with proper individualized support, people can achieve their goals.