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River Ridge

River Ridge provides residential and outpatient treatment for adults struggling with substance abuse or mental health concerns. We have a variety of levels of care and programming that is customized to each client’s personal needs and goals. Our gender responsive and trauma-informed services in Burnsville and Minnetonka, Minnesota are designed to not only treat concurrent concerns but the root of the trauma that may be causing those issues. Our holistic treatment for the body, mind, spirit, and family will put you on the path to a successful long-term outcome.

Co-Occurring Residential Programs

As we recognize trauma, substance abuse, and mental illness uniquely affects different populations, River Ridge offers gender responsive programming catered to the diverse needs of men and women. Glen Creek Lodge and A Woman’s Way are our high intensity, short-term residential co-occurring programs for adults offering group and individual therapy sessions, family programming, relational and coping skill building, trauma support, and more. Our private residences are located in quiet, safe, neighborhoods. Our men’s program, Glen Creek Lodge, is a six-bed facility in Minnetonka, MN. A Woman’s Way is an eight-bed facility in Burnsville, MN.

Outpatient Program

River Ridge’s gender responsive and trauma-informed outpatient programming is available to a variety of clients needing to build relational, cognitive, and behavioral skills for long-term recovery. With varying intensities, our outpatient phases cater to those wanting different levels of care and can be customized to incorporate the needs of each individual. Clients are guided through various group, individual, and family therapy sessions while still incorporating the holistic body, mind, and spirit. We offer day or evening programming in Burnsville and Minnetonka, MN. As with our other services, our guiding principles of safety, stability, and community are incorporated.

Mental Health Services

In addition to residential and outpatient services, River Ridge offers individual, family, and couples therapy. We help to address counterproductive behavior, communication and coping skills, and more on and individual basis and beyond to overcome any personal obstacles. This service is available to all clients whether or not they are currently enrolled in our other programming.

Education Programs

River Ridge facilitates education classes in conjunction with Hennepin and Dakota Counties. DWI Classes, Drug and Alcohol Discovery Education Courses, and an Adolescent Diversion program are all offered monthly and presented by licensed professionals. We also offer drug-specific education on an individual basis to learn more about the effects, consequences, and cultural myths surrounding marijuana or stimulants.


River Ridge offers comprehensive diagnostic tools including substance abuse, mental health, and Rule 25 assessments as well as an Extended Evaluation Program for those without a chemical dependency diagnosis but exhibit signs of a problem.

Further Information: To find out more information about enrolling in our services, please contact our Intake Specialists at 952-894-7722 or RiverRidgeInfo@OptionsMinnesota.com.