Welcome to Options Minnesota

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Options Minnesota provides administrative leadership and support for behavioral health organizations so they can focus on providing exceptionl care that changes lives.

Company Bio

Running a healthcare services company doesn’t have to be an administrative burden. Options Minnesota supports your day-to-day operations so you can better focus on your passion and purpose. In fact, what makes us different is that:

  • We Have Real Industry Knowledge. We understand the way your business works and are a team of highly trained professionals who have hands-on experience in the human services field.
  • We Support Your Business Vision. We are committed to deeply understanding what drives you, so we can provide services and support that positively impact your unique business goals. 
  • We Take a Collaborative Approach. We value your leadership and ideas, and partner with you to prioritize them in the development and implementation of your specific business solutions. 
  • We Offer Comprehensive Services. We provide more than just a single offering, and instead act as your back office with a full suite of in-house solutions that streamline your operations. 

So, whether you a new or established organization, we are partners who are committed to helping you deliver exceptional client care.